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    "I loved the contrast of flavors"

    - The Palm Beach Post
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In 2009 Corks + Forks Catering started as Cordon Bleu Catering when Certified Master Chef Michael “Cheffee” Ober and Sommelier Melanie Robertson-Ober brought their talents together to provide private chef and catering services in the Palm Beach area. They met sailing the world on the private mega yacht, Silver Cloud, owned by philanthropist, Alex Dreyfoos where Michael was working as Head Chef, and Melanie as the Chief Stewardess. Their mutual love of food and wine soon blossomed into romance. On return to Palm Beach they decided to combine Michael’s extraordinary talent and credentials as a Master Chef with Melanie’s love of wine and ability to create delicious and surprising wine pairings with cuisines from throughout the world.

Michael has experience at Michelin-starred restaurants and Melanie conducts service with five star standards, so they knew they could satisfy the demanding and sophisticated clientele of Palm Beach. They have worked with Coca Cola, Pepsi, Nike, Under Armor, City of West Palm Beach, Liman Gallery, Cakebread Family, Virginia Phillip Wine Shop and Academy, Washington Nationals, Cartier, and Beth DeWoody.

Originally from Germany, Michael is equally adept at fashioning classic, decadent menus with European or Global Flavors, but also having worked as a private chef for many high net worth individuals, he is used to accommodating any type of dietary restriction or preference to create flavorful and healthy meals. He has been featured in Men’s Health magazine with a low sodium and low fat veal chop recipe he created seasoned with a bright and bold combination of roast coffee and lemon zest.

Corks + Forks Catering is committed to using the finest and freshest local ingredients, sourcing produce from local farms whenever possible. Melanie and Michael also collect rare and exotic ingredients from their travels around the world, returning to Palm Beach with suitcases packed with smoked sea salt, special olive and nut oils and homemade vinegars to surprise and delight their clients.

Quality Ingredients

We choose only the freshest and finest organic ingredients, carefully selected according to a sustainable sourcing and a great attention to quality. Whenever possible our ingredients are locally sourced ensuring both a delicious and nutritious menu.

Five Star Food

From intimate luncheons and dinners to corporate events, Corks + Forks Catering has you covered. We will create a five star restaurant inspired dining experience for you. You will enjoy our exquisite cuisine, fine wines and elegant service.

A Memorable Experience

Corks + Forks Catering will make your next party most memorable. There is nothing more relaxing than enjoying a great meal with your guests, friends and/or family and leaving the entire preparation to us. We will take the headache out of any party.